Lindsay’s 101 Uses for Honey

Lindsay, our darling Paddywhack Lane kid who loves to dress like a bumblebee, did her research this week and found an amazing number of uses for honey!

1    A sweetener, instead of sugar

2    Protect wounds against bacteria

3    Soothe sunburns

4    Relieve bladder infections

5    Relieve coughs

6    Reduce swelling

7    Use as face wash to fight acne

8    Fashion into a homemade mouth wash

9    Mix with shampoo to reduce a receding hair line

10    Mix with petroleum jelly to make lip balm

11    Use a shot of honey instead of a caffeinated drink

12    Give to children to reduce bed wetting

13    Drink before bed with milk to reduce insomnia

14    Can reduce nasal and throat congestion

15    Will reduce stress

16    Fight allergies

17    Mix with medicine to make it more enjoyable

18    Can be used as a rash ointment

19    Make homemade beer from honey

20    Antibacterial

21    Reduce hyperactivity

22    Increase the rate and efficiency of digestion

23    Reduce migraine

24    Decrease rate of osteoporosis

25    Enhance athletic performance

26    Reduce wrinkles and signs of aging by rubbing on skin

27    Can be used as a daily moisturizer

28    Increase weight loss by increasing metabolism

29    Use on skin to decrease chance of scars

30    Increase intake of minerals, vitamins and antioxidents

31    Reduce oil on skin

32    Make homemade soap or other bath products

33    Mix with spring water and rinse in eyes to reduce eye infection

34    Consume to reduce amount of processed sugar in body

35    Reduce pain from stomach ulcers

36    To stop diarrhea

37    Reduce nausea

38    Mix with lemon to give yourself natural high lights

39    Can use as an anti-viral remedy

40    Consume to prevent tumors and cancer

41    Use as a resin or natural glue

42    Maintain blood sugar levels at a constant level

43    Decrease body fat

44    Fight anxiety

45    Increase spatial recognition memory

46    Reduce oxidative damage

47    Improve immunity

48    Quicken muscle recuperation

49    Use as a parasite removal

50    Hangover cure

51    Instead of bubble bath, pour honey into tub

52    Preserve fruit

53    Enhance vitamin A and eyesight

54    Increase blood flow throughout body

55    Decrease nervousness

56    Natural remedy for arthritis

57    Self detox by mixing with vinegar

58    Mix with cinnamon to cure bad breath

59    Fight high cholesterol and heart disease

60    Blocks growth of oral and nasal bacteria

61    Use as a meat preservative

62    Promote brain health by improving blood and oxygen circulation

63    Reduce effects of asthma

64    Mix with olive oil for soothing conditioner

66    Make candy or butter from honey

67    Use as a hydrogen peroxide substitute

68    Apply to stimulate new tissue growth

69    Eliminate necrosis in wounds

70    Ingest to retain calcium

71    Cure constipation

72    Control frizzy hair

73    Reduce costs by using honey to make homemade toiletries and food

74    Spread on pancakes, toast or cheese

75    Use as a marinade for fish

76    Mix with paints to create a cool-textured art project

77    Reduce amount of additives and preservatives consumed

78    Easily satisfy sweet tooth cravings

79    Mix with baked goods to increase and maintain moisture

80    Help cure hay fever

81    Stave off sinus infections

82    Have at-home facials by mixing honey with oatmeal or granular sugar

83    Relieve chronic indigestion

84    Cure athlete’s foot

85    Relieve bed sores

86    Make honey a sweet addition to salad

87    Relieve gas pains

88    Give to men to help with infertility problems

89    Increase life span and longevity

90    Reduce bloating

91    Remedy heartburn

92    Used to treat ovarian cancer

93    Relieve symptoms of depression

94    Clear up yeast infections

95    Reduce menopausal symptoms

96    Clear up black heads

97    Mix with honey to help restore hearing

98    Common voice remedy for singers or performers

99    Stave off tuberculosis

100    Cure gingivitis

101    Put on nails before a manicure for extra effective nail care


Lindsay loves to buzz around Paddywhack Lane in her adorable bumblebee costume, complete with glittery, golden wings, soft picnic blanket and a pot filled with her favorite afternoon snack… honey! Yummy, yummy!

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