Welcome to Paddywhack Lane Where The Imagination Never Ends!

Children are such an amazing gift with so many little personalities waiting to blossom and bloom.

the-costume-trunk-icon.pngWe are so excited to share with you all the wonderful new ideas we have created to help you encourage your children to use their imagination and believe in themselves.

Paddywhack Lane is a collection of wholesome, heartwarming stories, high quality role-play toys, gifts and music for young children. We recently released our enchanting new picture book, "The Costume Trunk," along with the treehouse playset where all the costumed kids can play! "The Costume Trunk" is a 36-page hardcover book for children ages 3-8. In it, Courtney is having a birthday party and a stray balloon leads her running deep into the forest where she discovers an old treehouse and a mysterious costume trunk. The trunk provides the perfect costume for Courtney and her friends before it turns into a passageway to the enchanting land of Paddywhack Lane. From there, all the fun and adventure begins!

We know children love making stories come to life so we’ve created a number of fun playsets to share our characters with the kids who will enjoy them the most.

The Costume Club Treehouse just arrived in Paddywhack Lane, complimented by our poseable costumed figures (sold separately) dressed in their favorite attire, including: Courtney the princess, Ella the mouse, Joshua the puppy, Lindsay the bumble bee, Madeline the duck, and Rachel the bunny.

We’ve also created the Bedroom Cottage Carry Case and numerous detailed playsets including: Anthony’s Treasure Hunt Playset, Courtney’s Tea Party Playset, Ella’s Ballerina Studio, Emily’s Trail Ride Pony Set, Lauren’s Wildflower Garden Playset, Madeline’s Pet Hospital Playset, and the Costume Trunk Playset.

There is truly something for every child here, including an MP3 download of our clever "Stitched-Together Classics."

In Paddywhack Lane, each child’s most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams come true. We hope you join us in this amazing journey into a land where children are encouraged to play and imagine their own stories alongside our fun and quirky characters.

This blog and our accompanying newsletter are being created so you can stay "in the know" about upcoming promotions, new toys arriving and perhaps learn a few fun facts here and there about the favorite foods, pets and activities our kids want to share with you!

"It’s What You Believe Inside That Makes You. . . YOU! The Outside is Mostly Fabrics and Stitching." – Paddywhack Lane  

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